October Gift Week 2022 Vernon, Texas

$185 usd
Sun, Oct 9, 2022, 9:00 AM CDT – Sat, Oct 15, 2022, 4:00 PM CDT
Wilbarger County Airport, 12557 hamp naylor drive, Vernon, Texas, usa  
October Gift Week 2022 Vernon, Texas

Gift Academy Week annual event for the Ladies! from no experience to those working on advanced skills.

Intensive Ground School. or Aviation Boot Camp We will also address the fears you have! This is the main focus of the day, not only information for the knowledge test, but we will answer questions that will pertain to more in depth knowledge for oral or personal information. We break down into terms you understand even if have to explain in three different ways! We want you to work together as peers to teach and to learn. We will adjust the teaching to meet the needs and goals of those who enroll in the GIFT event. We will assist each student in understanding basics of flight, the joy, safety, dispel myths and fears, passing the written tests, and/or prepare for an oral and practical test. We will also assist in the understanding of weather, weight and balance, aerodynamics, regulations, air space, GPS, etc. If its applicable to flying ask and we will cover the whys, history and how to. Flight training is available and usually everyone gets to fly once a day and sometimes we fly more!
Much of the time will be focused on the knowledge test and practical knowledge as well as real world knowledge used in everyday flying. We hope the students will leave the week with the knowledge and skills to make them better and safer pilots when they return to their home airports. We hope each student will bond with other to develop friendships that will enable them to reach out to one another when in need of someone who understands their experiences. If we have the students, we will split the classrooms into the different certifications like private, instrument or advanced.
visit our website for details on local accommodations and other information.

Mary Latimer

President Gift Academy Inc

Tamara Griffith

Event Coordinator
  • Tamara Griffith
Wilbarger County Airport, 12557 hamp naylor drive, Vernon, Texas, usa
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