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$100 usd
Sun Oct 13, 8:00 AM - Sat Oct 19, 5:00 PM (CDT)
Gift Academy/ Wilbarger County Airport, 12557 hamp naylor drive, Vernon, texas, us  

Intensive Ground School. We will also address the fears you have! This is the main focus of the day, not only information for the knowledge test, but we will answer questions that will pertain to more in depth knowledge for oral or personal information. We break down into terms you understand even if have to explain in three different ways! We want you to work together as peers to teach and to learn. We will adjust the teaching to meet the needs and goals of those who enroll in the GIFT event. We will assist each student in understanding basics of flight, the joy, safety, dispel myths and fears, passing the written tests, and/or prepare for an oral and practical test. We will also assist in the understanding of weather, weight and balance, aerodynamics, regulations, air space, GPS, etc. If its applicable to flying ask and we will cover the whys, history and how to. Come experience what a class is like with only women attending!! Like no other class you’ll attend!!

There is no charge for the Instructors. ground school or in flight, during this one week eventNo reservation will be noted until payment is received. This fee is applies toward your airplane costs, or supplies you purchase through us, including extra T Shirts, or other items we sell.Aircraft - $45 per hour minimum donation (other aircraft may vary in minimum donation) (average paid $450 for 10 hours). Some attendees may have access to an aircraft they wish to learn to fly, please contact us about those options.
Fuel - (this changes often much like the prices do for your car)
Books - $55- $100 for books and supplies based on need (optional) You initial books are included in reservation fees.
Hotel - $99 per night before taxes (most women share a room to lower costs)
meals - Lunch is provided at the event. Average cost is $10 a person
Please consider your costs of travel, time, and goals. This is only one week and may only fly once or twice a day depending on class size, planes and instructors available.

The Fuel and aircraft payments are separate costs please be prepared to make two payments. The ground school focuses on broad knowledge that you will need to be a safe pilot. We will cover the material you will need for the written test but that is not the only focus.
The first few days are spent covering the basic topics. The last few days are more likely to be covering or reviewing specific areas for smaller groups.
The flying usually starts at daylight and continues as long as the instructors are willing and the weather cooperates.
The classroom starts about 8:00am and runs till about 5 or 6 PM. Or until everyone’s eyes glaze over. It is usually a very interactive process and the topics may shift with questions that link one topic to another.
Flight times overlap with the classroom so you will miss an hour or two of classroom everyday. It works out though because one of the other ladies will fill you in on what you missed or you can fill in the gaps with an instructor after regular sessions. Please see our dropbox link for our application.
Once payment is made you are registered for the event automatically!.

Tamara Griffith

Gift Academy/ Wilbarger County Airport, 12557 hamp naylor drive, Vernon, texas, us
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